About Project

The project deals with uncovering and shedding light on the cases of human trafficking, its prevention and the protection of the victims, by developing an efficient National system of directing and the improvement of the proactive approach to the investigations of human trafficking.

What is it about?

The twinning project `` EU for the support in strengthening the capacities in the fight against human trafficking`` is entering its second year of successful implementation. During that time the capacities of the Criminal Police Directorate have been improved. We are on this road together with the judiciary, the Ministry of Labor, Employment, Veterans' and Social Affairs and the Center for the protection of the victims of human trafficking.

Tens of trainings and workshops have been executed. The most important ones are: a study visit to the Ministry of Interior of Slovenia and the Federal Crime Police Directorate of Austria.

Until now, there have been more than 300 active professionals engaged in the field of the fight against human trafficking. They were the intermediaries in the advancement of the cooperation of their colleagues from Serbia and the colleagues from the state members of the European Union through mutual acknowledgement.

The importance of the project:
The successful implementation of this project has a multiple significance.
Individual benefit and importance – helping the victims of human trafficking, which is most important.
Collective benefit of all the citizens of Serbia – successful implementation of this project actually represents the fulfillment of the recommendations from the Action Plans for the negotiating chapters 23 and 24. It is quite clear that it gives and incredible contribution to the process of Serbia joining the European Union.

  • Democracy and Human Rights
EuropeAid reference
City / District
Belgrade, Serbia
EU Contribution
1,000,000 €
Negotiating chapter
  • 24 - Justice, freedom and security
Implementation period
December 2019 - December 2019
Ministry of Interior of Republic of Serbia, Police Directorate, Criminal police Directorate
Implemented by
Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Slovenia and Republic of Austria.